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Whether you’ve had a roommate before or are new to this search, we have a plan that will work for you.

Follow these 4 easy steps to find a roommate.

#1 What do you need to know before finding a roommate?

There are many benefits to housing with a roommate. You’ll reduce your cost of living, have someone to share housing responsibilities, and potentially create a long lasting friendship. To ensure the most positive experience, our experts developed a guide with a list of questions that will help you learn more about yourself and your expectations.

#2 After reading our Guide, setup an account with 

#3: Complete your profile on

Don’t cut corners! Make your profile count! Be careful not to share any financial or personal information that could
put you in harm’s way. While is a trusted and reputable site, it’s always best to think safe and
smart. If in doubt, ask for help from an adult you trust.

#4: Congratulations! You completed your profile on 
Now it’s time to let them do the work of matching you with individuals in your area.

The key here is to start interacting with people you feel are a good fit for you. Check your email frequently and respond to messages, or reach out to those you find on your “Matches” dashboard. When you feel ready, schedule to meet up with him/her in a public setting.

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