Student Housing

Get Back To Your Studies With A Housing
Arrangement That Works For You.

Click here to find a roommate on our roommate resource page.

Once you find your roommate
download the Tenant Application Checklist to be
sure that you’re ready to apply for housing.

Are you a school or organization that would like to partner with us. 

Find a Property

Questions you’ll want to consider before you find your place:

1. How far away do you want to live from school? 
The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to find a property in your price range.

2. Have you set a budget for housing? 
Click here for a budget template.

3. Are your student loans and grants ready to go? 

You will want to be prepared and know how you plan to pay your rent before you apply to rent a place.

4. Are you a former foster youth? Have you tapped into the school and housing assistance available? 

You will want to be prepared and know how you plan to pay your rent before you apply to rent a place.

5. Do you have a co-signer and what role are they going to play?
We would suggest having your co-signer ready to go before moving forward with the process.

6. Are you ready with the first month’s rent and security deposit? Do you have the deposit ready for your utilities? 
Are you ready to commit and sign a lease?  If the answer is 100% yes, then it’s time to take the next steps.

Here are the next steps:


Tenants:  Search our current listings Search Properties to find your next place.


Click the Request Info button on the property you like. 
The owner or manager will get back to you with more information on their application process. 
If the listing is managed by Sharing Spaces, you will receive a message from us. 

3. Interested in Subleasing

Tenants:  Did you find a rental unit with extra space you’d like to sublease? If so, click here to list the extra space on For a fee, we can help you with the background checks, applicant screening, and the lease agreement. Click Let’s Talk and we can tell you more.
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