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How it Works

Collect online rental applications and screen tenants in one step.

1. Request Screening Items

After selecting the desired reports, enter applicant emails/mobile phones on RentSpree. Each applicant will instantly receive an invitation to apply.

2. Applicants Submit

Applicants can apply to your property using ApplyLink™. Depending on what reports are selected, applicants will provide the required information to submit.

3. View, Print, and Share

You’ll get back the comprehensive tenant information you need to make an informed decision. Print or save all screening items with the click of a button.

Tenant Screening Services for Landlords and Property Owners

RentSpree allows you to find the best tenants by giving you smart insight into your applicants.

Professional Reports

Our partner site provides you with professional-grade reports without the need for any expensive management software. No site-inspection required!

Free Reports

Access tenant screening reports and rental applications at no cost to you. Applicants pay an application fee directly on our partner site.

Quick & Easy

Sign-up and start screening your first tenants in two minutes. All screening reports come back to you directly and can be accessed 24/7.

Start Collecting Applications & Screening Tenants in Minutes

No site-inspection required! After signing up, you can start collecting tenant applications through email or with ApplyLink™ and have smart access to tenant screening reports the moment an applicant applies. Leave the hard work to us and let RentSpree handle all the tenant screening processes for you. Everything you need is in one convenient spot. The comprehensive tenant screening reports include a TransUnion credit report and score, background checks, and eviction reports in a clear and professional package.

Add your first property

Landlord/owner accounts are always free so you can
add a property and start screening tenants immediately.


Simple 3 Step Process

1. Invite Applicants to Apply

Share ApplyLink™ with renters so they can apply. RentSpree will then walk applicants through the entire application process. 

2. Applicants Pay for & Authorize Screening

Applicants enter all required information and authorize their screening reports to be pulled and directly shared with you.

3. View and Print

You will receive an email notification for each applicant who applies. Access all reports in seconds to view, save, or print.

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